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Twitter, what is it all about and how to do I make sense of the noise? There are so many articles our there in this big wide world of the internet, that sometimes its just a tad confusing.twitter

Ok, so before you start, sit down and think about why you want to be on twitter, and what you hope to achieve. Is it for business? To follow your heroes and see what they are saying and maybe have an online conversation with them? Are you simply wanting to know what all the fuss is about?

So first of all, think of a relevant username you want to be known as, then upload a picture.  If you can, try and put one up of a face – people respond to people and its been found that face pictures get more attention. Then write a bio- this is where so many don’t and then wonder why people are not following them.  A quick few words about you, where you are, or what you are after, or even, as is the trend at the moment, if you drink coffee or eat bacon.  Ok, so that last bit was done a tad tongue in cheek, I am not really understanding all this interest in telling me your favourite drink or your favourite food – unless of course you are simply on twitter to chat with other tea drinkers.

So next, you need to find someone to listen to, otherwise known as followers/following.

Find your heroes, be it business wise, celebrity wise or even sports wise – hit the follow button and you will see what they are chatting about in your feed.  A handy tip, if  you are looking for inspiration, see who someone you like is following and follow their followers (yes a lot of F’s in that!).

Then you have that space that says you have 140 characters to write something and you get brain freeze thinking how you can say something of importance in so short a way.  Believe me, you get used to it very quickly.

But what makes up a good tweet?

First of all, knowing you have reduced amount of space, try to use easy to read words and avoid text speak if you can. Using things such as & is ok but avoid the l8trs of this world.

Aim to use 100 character so if you get it retweeted, they can add something to it rather than remove your words.

If you have a link to something, put that at the start – but don’t forget it will be shortened, so do put some explanation of what the link is about.

If you are using hashtags, don’t use more than two – you are then diluting your message.

If you want people to react to your tweet, give them a word/words in it to use as a call to action – retweet, discover, more information, read it here etc

Pictures say a thousand words and are in your timeline in big bold colour, so make the best of them – insert information to a picture is a good way of extending the amount of characters you can use.

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