• Trends for 2016 – What is Good and What is Not



    So what are the new trends for 2016?

    Apps – yes those things. Be it, phone, tablet, tv or desktop, you will need an app for everything, and of course now they are getting cheaper to produce, will be high on the list of wanted items. As a consumer you want to make life easy for yourself, after all we are now a nation of couch potatoes, and if you are selling to them, why not make it easier.  So good for business but bad for consumer or rather, bad for consumer where it encourages you to never move.

    Perhaps evolution may move quicker and we end up minus legs, with a larger derriere so we don’t fall over.

    More analysis of what you are using and what effect it has on sales/production/customer service.

    Interactive content, ie more video platforms and immediate answers to everything.  This is me just might lessen those horrid internet trolls, or keyboard warriors who feel safe to sit anon and pass judgement on all and everything.  Don’t get me started on this one – its maybe the one major drawback to this there invention called t’internet.

    Better fraud protection – hurrah I hear you shout, yes this needs vastly improving, (she said thinking of all those Talk Talk details that were passed around, never mind the email addresses of various on the adultery website).

    Move over coconut, avocado oil is now in vogue, or how about sweet foods with a savoury twist.

    Fashion, I am told, not being a slave to it, will be colour, trounces and big stripes.

    Glow in the dark hair dye will be the ‘thing’, horrendous thought, you turn over in bed and the light catches your head, and your other half screams with horror.

    We will be encouraged to spend on natural products for our homes, with large open spaces and lots of window space, where yellow is called canary diamond and pink becomes pagoda.

    I leave it up to you to decide if any of the above strike a good vibe or just ridicule.





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  1. John says:

    Thanks for that. Something to think about.

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