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Work Life Balance

Have you manged to work out work life balance yet?

If so, let me in to the secret.

I was at  The Business Growth Hub Mentoring Dinner last week, sat among some very knowledgeable people, when one of them asked me why I was so conscientious.

Work ethic was my reply – I work until something has been done to my satisfaction, and that I didn’t stand fools glady either – yes I know, I need to be more tolerant.

So the next question was, why was my work ethic so important to me – now that seemed obvious to me, but I explained it.

First of all, necessity, as in being sole provider for three brats meaning no one else was going to put food on the table, but secondly was also pride.  I take pride in my work, my ability and also liked to ensure I did what was asked of me.

Again, to me, this was simple to understand and follow through.

Again, I need to understand though, that others don’t always feel this way and that perhaps they have other things they consider more important, and that they are not actually lazy (its the first excuse I think of for them!) just have different priorities.

So, anyone out there who knows how to achieve work life balance, it might be me that needs to listen out to something else.



Marketing Plans

I have often heard that a marketing plan is something you need to have in your business plan …. what utter tosh!

Your business plan can make reference to it but the details needed for a marketing plan would surely bulk out the business plan so much that no one would ever pick the dammed thing up!

A marketing plan simply needs to ask certain questions and then provide answers.

So, firstly define your target market – who are they, where are they, and how do I get to them, then the rest just follows on from that.

So you are clock shop – do you have a physical shop or is it online? What ages are you appealing to? It is children (ie their parents), old world ones, modern ones, novelty ones?  All these things need to be considered.

So having defined who you want to attract – where are they to be found? Do they sit on parents forums? Facebook? Clock forums? Pages?

What is the best way of getting their attention?

So simple really!

Oh and one thing to remember – just because you know about the goods/service – doesn’t mean your target market will – remember – go ask someone to test your answers that doesn’t know much.

Have fun with your marketing plans!

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