• News this Week January 2016

    Its been a strange week, starting with the news first thing on Monday morning on the death of another of my heroes – who just in case you have been in a dark cave in the middle of nowhere hiding under a rock, is of course, David Bowie.  I am of the age you see, that he has always been in my life, from his Laughing Gnome (which he was not too proud of, but at age 6 it made me laugh) to his latest ones.  I will miss his input and watching and waiting for his next idea.

    It makes you realise of course that not everyone will be around as long as you, so make the most of it all.

    What else then made the news this week?

    HSBC is to stay in the UK after fears it would head off elsewhere.

    Stock market is having a few problems this week.

    A toddler was found walking to nursery as she couldn’t wake up mummy – ok so this one formed a slight lump in my throat reading it – I am a sucker for a sob story!

    Someone somewhere has seen sense and is trying to avoid a second doctors strike.

    Too many potatoes will apparently give you a higher chance of getting diabetes (if pregnant).

    Oh and have you heard – winter is coming this week.  Again that person who sits in some office, in some place, has decided it will be cold and even snow.  Where have they been this winter so far? We might not have had snow, but some of us got rained out, each and every day.  I have a permanent pond in my car, that comes from having to drive through rather deep puddles every day.

    And to finish with – Jeremy Clarkson has bought some new company cars for his new venture – reliant robins! Yep you read right, and its not a joke, he claims he has fallen in love with them.

    Each to his own!

    More next week.







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