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Ecommerce – SEO – Dog Food

Ecommerce – SEO – Dog Food

Ecommerce, SEO, Dog Food


Sounds slightly strange title to be starting out with, but this last month has been all about it.

We have taken on Passion Pet Foods as a client, who were using a little known ecommerce package to sell grain free pet foods online.

Yes the package was good, just not brilliant.

There was no option to further SEO the pages and product categories so much of the business they had was kind of what they would keep.

So we have taken their website and using the logos and pictures they already has, took the information and put it in a ecommerce woo package, added some little extras and have started to add long content blog posts.

So, its now getting some 1.5k visits a week – compared to the 200 it used to get.

The key phrases we have used are also now being picked up by google and moving on up.

Originally the highest ranked keyword/phrase was ‘free draw’ – not really pet food associated.

Oh don’t worry, we will somehow get a blog post in and use that phrase and get it even better ranked – I mean, anyone who hits the site and hangs around to read things will improve the google rankings.

Let’t not forget that google now likes to rank higher those sites who attract people and keep them on it – it is defined as user happiness.

We took various products and also defined better their page titles and pictures being relevant to the product, so items such as this grain free dog food

So bearing all this in mind, does the opening title make more sense now?

So having done the website, we now move on to social media for them.  The Facebook page has been a little neglected, so having gained admin access, we are now posting on a regular basis, and testing various types of posts and times to get optimal interactions.

So far, we seem to have found that 8pm weekdays, and pictures needing captions adding seem to out perform others.

Makes for an interesting time.

Good thing we like dogs.




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