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Does the word social media scare you?

Does the word social media scare you?

Social media is not scary and not a waste of time- as some who don’t understand, would have you believe.  When its used in the right context, its a powerful tool.  So be it for branding, awareness, customer service, support, or even that nasty word – sales – all have their place

To use it effectively, you need to work out what you want to gain from it, and set a plan in place.  So what do you want from it – and it can be more than one thing, the best approach to take, the best time (if needed) and who will be responsible for it.

This is where someone like me comes in.

I can help you define goals, how to reach them and who will do it – so if that me or my team or if I train you or a staff member, then between us, we can ensure its getting done as per the plan.

This is also where my knowledge of social media platforms comes in – so which ones to be on and use – as not all are suitable for all business’s, which ones your target audience are on and use, and the best times as well.

I also know about advertising on the various platforms and can help you with google adwords as well.

I learnt the hard way.

Back when it all began, oh back in them there dark ages before millennials, some of us were around when it all started.  We didn’t have anything apart from trial and error to figure out what worked and what didn’t – no gurus for us. So yes, I made lots of mistakes to start with, but also learnt how to rectify them, and how to start making money from them

So what are you waiting for? Have a chat, see if I can help you.


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