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Is the phrase digital marketing services scary?customer service

Ok so you have got this far, so what is it I can do for you then.

Well first of all have you booked on a webinar yet? Bite size segments of what social media and digital marketing is and how you can use it to create buzz and leads.  Of course you won’t get all my secrets in it but enough I hope to help you see the benefits.

So what is I can do for you then?

  • Social media management
  • Create plan of action
  • Create social media profiles
  • One to Ones in how to do it for yourself
  • One off consultations and a check list of right things to do
  • Oh and anything else that is bothering you at the moment as well – after all you know what is bothering you most about this wonderful new world!

So how much will this cost then?

Chat to me – find out with a quick 20 minutes call or skype , or whatsap or anything else – oh apart from facetime – I am not a slave to the old fruit versions of technology.

I am not scary, nor expensive, but then again, I am not free either.  I have bills to pay and of course I value my experience and time as well.

So what are you waiting for then?

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