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Digital Marketing and Social Media

Ok, so digital marketing and social media – what at they about?

My name is Gill, as the title of my site says, and I would like you to read on to better understand what social /digital media marketing is.

Social media and digital marketing are not difficult to understand, however, some people really do take it to extremes.

Obvious things first then, name is Gill and whats this about?

I have been involved in business – starting my own, and working in some and just decided to put pen to paper in what is the modern world, ie get a website.

Ok, so this is not the first one I have had – I presently have, hang on whilst I run through them in my head …… 4, which is a lot down on what I used to have – that was far too many, but again, they were back in the day when you needed lots of different sites with domain names that were keyword rich.

So I have had no formal training, or had none until last year – then I decided that I needed to get some of those nice badges and letters for my name, and now I have.

This nice badge is from twitter – itsflight-school-badge-2015 starts with the basics then goes on to show how to use their ads platform and also what cards are and how best to use them to drive traffic to your site, gain new followers or get signups to your newsletter or promote your event or just get them to buy direct in twitter. It also shows you how to interpret and use the analytics service to show when is best to tweet, who your audience is and what they are interested in.

I’ve also done a couple of diplomas in Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing. Yes, I learnt a few new things, but on the whole they merely confirmed what I had found out by firstly being nosey and secondly, being around this here interweb thing for some 14 years.

Guess what I am saying is that now there is rush in my life, it means I can now formalise things I have gleaned on my way around life.

Right enough waffle, time to go post up some more news/features/wacky things.





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