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Are BOTS the New Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Are BOTS the New Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

BOTS – Pain or Useful?bots

BOTS are nothing new, they would usually have the word google or bing in front of them, along with spiders meaning they crawl your website to see what it can offer to listings.  Over the last year though, they are becoming more and more prevalent and more people know what they are and are beginning to understand how useful they are.

You might notice one on this website – its the home page left hand side – the blue circle – if you click on it, you can schedule a physical or online meeting with me to have a chat etc.  I suppose you could call it my networking introducer bot.

This particular on is courtesy of SnatchBot – were you can take their templates and alter them to suit your wishes.

I only have one set up at the moment, but do intend putting on my Facebook page to encourage people to sign up for my newsletter.

So yes, go and search and look and see how easy they are to set up and integrate where you want them.

I think of BOTS as being your VA – Virtual Assistant – they can remind people, have set conversations and encourage various to do what you want, so with mine, you can have a chat about meetings, either online or in person, what time and date and even have it confirmed to you there and then. None of that to-ing and fro-ing trying to organise diaries.

You can use them to answer questions, set up meetings, sign up for newsletters, anything really, although the more you want it to do, be prepared to take a while mapping out the what ifs and where tos, but its actually a most rewarding activity – or it is for those of us with a tech geek bent!

Go enjoy, but if you struggle – speak to my BOT and set up an online meeting with me to go through it.


Toodles x



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