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Digital strategy is all about working out what will get you traction within the new world we live in.

So why am I mentioning this?

It’s all about knowing where someone comes from and how they use their experience and knowledge to then transfer that to your business and make it work.

So me, Gill –  I have spent most of my working life doing the things I love best and filling my head with all sorts of information.  I had a thirst for languages at one point, then it was a desire to learn to play lots of musical instruments, then a desire to read and take on board all things digital.

I started building websites back in 2006 and learning about the dark art of SEO.  Then in August of 2006, I found Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/YouTube and jumped in.  Back in those days, there was no social media experts – just a whole bunch of us learning and making lots of mistakes, but also working out how they would function as part of the whole digital strategy a business needed to draw up.

So yes, I know what mistakes are out there to make, but also know the good bits too.  The algoriythms of them, how to work them for the purpose you are using them.


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