Social Media

Social media is a valuable marketing tool when used correctly and when used on an ad hoc basis is nothing but random and confusing.

Twitter - good or bad?

Are you using it right? Do you just add links and hope for the best or are you having conversations?

Do you know what is happening in your Business?

Is your business in control of you or do you know what is happening? What is your breakeven figure? How effective is your marketing?

Scared or just Mystified?

Take the mystic out of social media and realise its a wonderful marketing tool that you control.


  • Is Customer Service Dead?

    We go through phases in a products/services lifespan where different needs should be addressed. So we have that wonderful honeymoon phase where if all if perfect and 100%, they can do nothing wrong, you tell everyone about it/them, you can’t […]

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  • Twitter is on the Decline!

    We are told twitter is on the decline – is it?
    Engagement with all social media is being slowly eroded.
    On twitter for example, I am guilty recently of joining in and forgetting one of the concepts of the thing – ie […]

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  • Trends for 2016 – What is Good and What is Not

    So what are the new trends for 2016?
    Apps – yes those things. Be it, phone, tablet, tv or desktop, you will need an app for everything, and of course now they are getting cheaper to produce, will be high on […]

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How good are we?

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We came to the internet not knowing much re social media and marketing and left feeling full of confidence. Thanks Gill.

FTZ Accounts

We mend and fix things, we don't know much about marketing, so we asked Gill to help out and now we simply leave it all to someone else.

Handyman in Warrington

We do finance, not marketing, therefore we simply got someone else to do it. Most effective and an eye opener.

AVS Bookkeeping
personal training certification institute