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Social media is made up of many things and is used for many things, be it creating leads, awareness, branding or customer service, all serve a set purpose.


It can be used to make clients aware of what your business is about, get a logo, name or product out there and constantly in front of your potential leads.

Customer Service

In this day and age, there are now so many ways to contact you, and of course one way of getting immediate attention is social media - so make sure you are monitoring it.

Sales Leads

If used correctly, social media advertising can bring in leads to a good landing page that will then make you the sale. To ignore and dismiss and not include in your marketing mix is both foolish and short sighted.


If you run a business that needs constant updating and support to your end users, social media can be used to keep your customers happy and informed.


We all know about breakfast meetings where you turn up and exchange cards and set up meetings, but social media has now added a new dimension to it, and you have tweetups, and twitter hours to chat with those in the area you want to do business with.


It can be used to increase traffic to your site, all of which helps with relevance in the google rankings, and you can also use it to promote sign up to that all essential newsletter, therefore giving you a ready made list of potential clients.

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